Drain Repairs

Ensure drains are in good structural condition and watertight

Critical when a drain network is potentially being used for containment purpose

Drains are not only susceptible to internal influence they are also impacted by external factors that can result in them becoming damaged. Typical external influences include:

  • Deterioration of ageing pipework seals
  • Repeated impact loading
  • Tree roots
  • Ground movement
  • Direct trauma e.g. barrier posts and other physical activity

Whilst some damage is catastrophic to the structure resulting in an immediate collapse the vast majority of drainage issues develop over time and have an exponential deterioration profile. When a drain ceases to be watertight not only does this enable the ingress and egress of potential polluting liquids it can also attract tree root activity as they will be attracted to moisture.

It is always best practice to ensure that all drains are in good structural condition and, with the exception of filter drainage, are watertight. The integrity of drains and the understanding of their pressure loading profiles and requirements is critical when a drain network is potentially being used for containment purposes.

Darcy provide a full and comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges of damaged and leaking drains. This may be an open cut repair, a localised WRc approved patch repair or the installation of a full length cured in place pipe (CIPP). 

Darcy have access to the full range of CIPP materials and cure options available. This ensure that we offer the right product, designed for the right application, is fit for purpose and in full consideration of environmental impact.

Darcy drain repair solutions are typically for:

  • Structurally defective sewers
  • Localised cracks
  • Leaking sewers – ingress / egress
  • Tree root ingress
  • Displaced pipes and offset joints
  • Failed pitch fibre pipes
  • Sealing abandoned lateral connections
  • Sealing lateral pipe connection to carrier pipe
  • Pipeline lifetime extension
  • Re-purposing abandoned sewers and pipelines
  • Repairing pipelines that are physically difficult to access and/or excavate or where there are time considerations and restrictions.
  • Collapsed pipes

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