Drain Patch Repairs

Structural and watertight localised drain repair

Cost effective and quick installation with minimal disruption

Patch Repairs are a highly cost-effective remediation solution offering a structural and watertight localised drain repair. They are used extensively by water companies in the UK and are approved by the WRc.

The process of installation is simply a matter of cleaning the pipework and the use a CCTV camera to locate the precise location of the defect. This measurement ensures that the repair is in the precise location with the defect being in the centre of the patch. 

Fibreglass matting is then impregnated with a silicate resin and attached to a large rubber tube with sealed ends referred to as a “packer”. The “packer” with the attached “patch” is manoeuvred into position and then inflated following a set procedure to the required pressure. 

The inflation process results in the packer expanding and the patch being squeezed against the existing pipework. Following a monitored process, the resin cures to form the watertight localised patch repair.

Key benefits of a Patch Repair

  • Cost effective
  • Quick installation with minimal disruption
  • No flow control required in the majority of installations
  • Reduced Environmental Impact (noise, waste, transport)
  • Reduced Operating Risk (no heavy plant/machinery or open trenches)
  • Cost Control (No excavation arising extra over cost issues) 

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