Drain CIPP Relining

Installations fully fit for purpose and environmentally appropriate

Minimise disruption, environmental impact and operating risk

Where drains have multiple repair requirements we provide a Cured In Place Pipework (CIPP) repair, also known as drain lining.

Drain lining is where a resin impregnated carrier sleeve is installed into the defective pipework. The sleeve is, (following the appropriate process), then inflated using either air or water and the resin then undergoes a controlled cure to form a new pipe inside the original carrier pipe.

There are numerous resins, installation and curing techniques, however at Darcy we always correctly analyse the repair and client requirements to establish a suitable calculated CIPP installation that will be fully fit for purpose and be environmentally appropriate.

CIPP’s can be installed into small bore 100mm diameter drains that have bends and deviations through to large bore and often deep main drain pipework in excess of 1.0m diameter. The thickness of the CIPP will be determined by a number of design factors and the particular material characteristics that are all factored into our specification process.

Where there are other pipes connecting into the pipework that is being repaired Darcy use robotic lateral cutting equipment to open these connections once the CIPP has been installed.

The key benefits of installing a CIPP over a traditional excavation and pipework replacement are:

  • Minimal time disruption and operating disturbance
  • Reduced Environmental Impact (noise, waste, transport)
  • Reduced Operating Risk (no heavy plant/machinery or open trenches)
  • Cost Control (No excavation extra over cost issues)

Typical CIPP types offered by Darcy use heat or UV light to provide a controlled cure for a risk managed installation, these are typically:

  • UV Cured Polyester
  • Brawo Liner (an epoxy resin solution for lining around bends)
  • Epoxy Resin - Needle Felt
  • Vinylester – Needle Felt
  • Polyester – Needle Felt

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