Drain Scale Drawings

Clearly reference manholes, chambers and points

Visibly indicate storm, foul or effluent drains and flow

When undertaking a site drainage CCTV survey a critical component is to work from an asset referenced site drawing. This drawing must have clearly referenced manhole and chamber identifications, drain points which must be physically identifiable on site and be clearly and accurately referenced and plotted onto the site drain plan.

The most accurate method of producing a drain plan that identifies and records above ground drain asset is to use GPS to accurately record the drain points co-ordinates. These above ground points are input into the drawing software and these are then connected to indicate the drain pipework. Typically we will colour code the pipework on the drawing to visibly indicate the duty (storm, foul or effluent) and include a direction arrow to show the flow.

Where a GPS survey is combined with a CCTV survey we can deliver critical accuracy of your site drainage connectivity.  In the event of a spill the drains can fill with pollutants and provide a pathway for the pollutants to enter the watercourses. Having the information on your site drain connectivity readily available enables appropriate control actions to be taken. This information can also be incorporated in more complex site baseline models used with our spill and firewater incident containment assessments. 

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