Drain Mapping

Know how your site drainage works

Enables appropriate responses and actions in the event of a fire or spill

Knowing how your site drainage network functions and being able to easily identify flow paths and duty type is essential. Pollution guidelines stipulate that sites should not only know this information but that it should be displayed and understood by spill responders.

A drain map must be accurate and up to date. It’s use is critical in the event of a spill or in the event of a fire. An accurate drain map enables appropriate responses and actions as opposed to the risk of initially unknown environmental damage. 

Drain Mapping determines the location and depths of sewer, foul water and rainwater drains on your site.

Drain Mapping should always be a key information component for site management within the Environmental Management System.

Where sites have high risk and in particular COMAH and EPR Regulated sites accurate Drain Mapping is fundamental to site compliance.

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