Drain Flow Path Modelling

Combined CCTV, GPS and topography modelling

Meet recommendation of Ciria C736

The type of modelling combines our full CCTV and GPS surveys with additional site GPS topographical information which links into hydraulic modelling software to establish effects of specific conditions on a site. Developed to enable sites to meet the recommendation of Ciria C736 – Containment Systems for the Prevention of Pollution this type of modelling reproduces the impact of primary containment failure, weather events and firewater on a site.

This modelling enables evidenced containment solutions to be applied to a site and then for the most cost-effective solution to be established, designed and delivered.

This high-level approach continues to engage and satisfy requirements of the EA, SEPA and the HSE in their drive to ensure appropriate environmental protection. At the same time our clients have the knowledge that any site work required is a justifiable investment in maintaining their objectives and obligations and in protecting the environment.

When a client has a requirement for Firewater Containment and a need for pollution control devices to be installed we recommend that this modelling process is considered to ensure that the full impacts of closing a drain are known and evidenced. 

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