Drainage Pressure Testing

Identification of leaks within your site drainage network

Ensure integrity and audit evidence of compliance

Poor drain installation and integrity can result in ingress and egress from pipes which, over time, causes excessive damage and pollution risk. For sites that have installed spill closure devices a pressure test will demonstrate the device is operating effectively and will retain pollution. In the event of a pollution incident, the need to show an installation/service test result could be a critical mitigation factor. 

Darcy use calibrated equipment and purposed software for the testing of pipework, manholes, interceptors and closure devices to the standard BSEN 1610.  This provides our clients with certificated test results that provide audit evidence demonstrating site compliance.

Darcy use two forms of pressure testing to ascertain if there are any leaks within the drain:

  1. Air test - for single pipes or individual pipe runs
  2. Water drop test - for complete drainage systems

How the test works

The test standard considers the surface area and material being tested and these parameters are used to calculate the test pass conformance requirement against the standard. 

The test produces a graph recording the test pressure and test time. 

At the end of the test time if the levels have remained within the calculated test parameters the test will produce a date and time recorded pass or fail certificate.

In addition to drains and manholes this same test equipment is applied to spill scenarios for accurate test and audit evidence, typically for pollution control valves, bunds and other containment vessels.

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