Drain CCTV Surveys

Visual investigation and identification of drain pipe defects

Assess and identify potential issues in commercial drainage systems

Darcy CCTV surveys provide a high quality digital recording of site drains and sewers. The inspection report is coded in accordance with the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition and is provided in digital format along with a summary report of findings.

Quality is key as the accuracy of a report compiled with the findings of a CCTV survey can have potential implications to future site operations. Darcy utilise the latest global leading WinCan software. This software ensures accurate data capture that can be effectively tabulated and reported providing you with a final report that can be easily viewed and interpreted.

CCTV surveys are frequently required for:

  • Investigation of and the identification of drain pipework defects
  • New site and site extension drain condition handover CDM file inclusion
  • Site drain mapping typically for COMAH and EPR Sites
  • Condition monitoring. Darcy recommend that drains and sewers are inspected no less than every 10 years, this may be more frequent where there are known influencers that may result in premature pipe deterioration.
  • Identification of pollution or misconnection points
  • Pre and post construction work condition survey
  • Commercial due diligence pre-purchase surveys
  • CAT and Sond locations of drain and sewer points

As part of our CCTV surveys Darcy offer the following additional services:

  • Topographical surveys providing drain asset cover levels and locations
  • AutoCAD mapping of the site drains onto client supplied site tiles
  • Chamber identification marking
  • Firewater and spill containment with event modelling as per Ciria C736 – Containment Systems for the Prevention of Pollution.
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) evaluation and maintenance management as per Ciria C753 - The SuDS Manual

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