Drain Jetting

Clean drains and clear drain blockages

The use of pressurised water jetting with spray nozzles has long been used in the UK to clean drains and clear drain blockages. This equipment is typically van mounted on a small to large vehicle that also has suction capability. It is important that equipment used is appropriate to the required task and that operators are fully trained and competent to use the equipment and understand its impacts.

Darcy trained operatives undertake environmental task assessments prior to any water jetting works. This establishes an understanding of potential activity impacts to the public network or other downstream receptors. Any required controls will be put in place prior to starting any water jetting activity so that environmental contamination or unauthorised discharge is prevented.

The van mounted units are typically used on small diameter pipework and for clearing and breaking up blockages. Used intelligently these are efficient and cost effective. Our larger Recycler Jet/Vac units offer efficiency for cleaning larger drain runs. The jetting water is reused with silt and debris being removed by filters. Recyclers reduce the waste of water with improved efficiency. Given that they remove the silt and debris, Recyclers also control and protect the downstream pipework from cross contamination. 

When undertaking a CCTV condition survey it is recommended that drains are cleaned either prior to or during the survey, this is typically undertaken by our water jetting services. 

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