Drain Flusher

Maintaining a clean and efficiently operating site drainage system

Reduce blockage risk from sediment and FOG

The drain flusher is a simple and cost effective approach to maintaining a clean and efficiently operating site drainage system.  This reliable device cleans the site drainage network utilising the rainwater or foul effluent already present in the drain. Silt is dispersed thus restoring the drain to its original state. 

The self-contained device can be installed and is operational within minutes with minimal (if any) civil works required. They require no adjustments or monitoring and will typically deliver a flushing cycle between 50 and 100 times every 24 hours. This process of gradual erosion and movement of silt keeps the drain clean and prevents further built of up sediment ensuring an effective drainage and flusher system is maintained.

Benefits of drain flushing utilising the Darcy Drain Flusher:

Blockage prevention

  • Regular cleansing flow cycles constantly shift FOG and sediment gradually eroding build-ups. The varying water levels observed within the drain eliminate conditions that would otherwise allow fat deposits to solidify.

Flood prevention and protection

  • Flusher systems have an inbuilt non-return valve that prevent return flows through drainage outlets preventing flooding of your site.

FOG prevention

  • Harmful fats are moved through smaller pipes into main sewers where it can be deal with more effectively. By changing the flow levels within the drain and restricting dry conditions FOG build up is prevented eliminating the restriction of flow in the drain. 
  • The flusher can be used alongside fat dosing products to break down existing blockages, washing it away with each cycle.

Spill containment

In the event of a spill alarms can be utilised to activate a locking pin on the Drain Flusher keeping it closed preventing flows from upstream forcing the pollutants that have been contained within the site drain network downstream or up onto the surface through manhole chambers.

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