Drain Cleansing

Keep drains free from silt and debris

Prevent blockages or illegal discharge

Drains need to be kept clean and free flowing and at the same time sites should not discharge pollutants without appropriate consent licences. In the case of foul drains it is illegal to discharge anything that may cause a public sewer to block or is not consented to by the appropriate sewage water company.

These important baseline understandings are fundamental to maintaining and cleaning drains and any associated activities involving the site drain network. Put simply you can’t move debris, silt or other contamination from private site drains into the public drains intentionally or otherwise. This can all too easily happen when there is a lack of environmental understanding and activity impacts.

The cleaning of drains, oil separators (interceptors) and other capture and control devices are an essential part of ensuring effective site drain operation to their designed capacity. With increasing rainfall levels and intensity this is becoming increasingly more important. Where there is a risk of a spill the need for keeping drains free from silt and debris is even more critical since they may become contaminated adding cost to any post spill clean.

Darcy are strong advocates of drain pollution prevention. Our range of spill control products, bund water control units and basic maintenance of primary capture points like road gullies help achieve this. Our monitoring equipment for oil separators (interceptors) and the associated annual service and integrity checks empowers our clients to intelligently manage and control capture and control devices further reducing pollution risk.

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