Hydraulically activated drain closure

Contain contaminants and firewater run off on site within seconds of an incident

The CheckValve™ is a hydraulically activated unit which contains contaminants and firewater run off on site within seconds of an incident. The devices can be activated by your fire alarm, a remote device, your BMS or a manual push button. It has a patented over locking toggle system which can only be disabled by either manual intervention or a GSM deactivation ensuring 100% seal of the area. With its unique adaptor plate, it can be fitted directly onto an existing flange or to the wall within a chamber.

The CheckValve™ contains large heads of water and can seal a sites drain within three seconds of activation. It can be activated multiple times and used not only as a reactive device once a spill has occurred but also as a proactive measure to guard against the risk of pollution during times of high risk including when deliveries are being made or any maintenance work is being carried out on site. If your site is also in an area of flood risk it can also be used as a non return valve to act against flooding risk.

The CheckValve™ can be activated by a simple manual push button on the control panel itself or in areas where there the control panel is in a remote or area that is not as easy to access can be activated by gsm text message. In remote locations the system can be automatically activated by pH, turbidity, odour sensors or connected into existing business management systems including fire alarms,

The CheckValve™ can be mains, battery or solar powered to minimise any civils work that are required and can be retrospectively fitted to drainage system where required.

Frequently asked questions

How often can the system be operated?

  • The CheckValve™ has an unlimited usage and can be used proactively as long as it receives the required annual service.

Can the closure system be used for fire water retention?

  • Yes, however the CheckValve™ is the best option for this application.

Can the drain closure device be used as a flood defence?

  • It forms a non-return valve seal when closed so can be used to assist flood defence.

How can the activation be made remotely?

  • There are three methods - manual push button, GSM and via probe set which can detect things such as pH levels and turbidity.

Can the unit connect to detection devices?

  • It can connected to a number of alarms such as sounder alarms for fire, GSM alarms for text or directly to the latest web interfaced interceptor monitor for automatic activation.

If a unit has been operated using a sensor, how will site know about the activation?

  • Either a beacon can be fitted or a GSM reporting option can be utilised.

Can the unit be fixed to an outlet rather than inlet?

  • Closure devices can be fitted either way, however the pneumatic system will only open the flap with the flow of water. If the valve is closed and then a head of water builds up in front of the door then the water will need to be pumped from the chamber before the valve can reopen.

Once the unit has been activated how and where do we remove the pollutant?

  • The company would call in a 'waste removal' company. In most circumstances, the pollutant will be removed from the manhole where the unit is fitted.

Is a service contract required?

As with interceptors, the guidelines recommend that all equipment is serviced on a minimum of an annual basis.

Key attributes
  • Power options -  Mains, battery or solar
  • Multiple activation methods - manual, remote, automated
  • Use in emergency or at times of risk - proactive and reactive use
  • Retro fit - minimal civil works required

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